Sports and Clubs

Although Star College aims at being an academically coursed school, it places a fair deal of importance on sport and recreational activities.

Club activities take place after school hours (15:15 – 16:45) on every Monday and Thursday.

Star College offers sporting activities including:

1 -Cricket
A weekly CRICKET practice under the supervision and it is aimed to produce an outstanding cricket team in years to come.

2 - Soccer
It has been among the students and teachers favorite. Students find the occasion to play this exciting sport at almost every free moment of their day.

3 - Basketball and volleyball
Has taken the school by storm and is now almost as popular as soccer and the students seem to have a zeal for this sport.

4 - Table Tennis
Extremely popular with the enthusiastic and competitive boys

5 - Rugby

6 - Pool Games (Billiard)

7 - Chess

8- Media Club
The Media Club meets every Tuesday (during the extended break) and Thursdays after school.If you love: writing, taking pictures, socialising and you’re interested in being part of a team responsible for updating all of our media (Facebook, Instagram, our web page) then meet with us every Tuesday and Thursday.

9- Star Givers (relief & outreach)
We are a group of students who are working together with the aim of helping and uplifting the community. Every term we start a new mission.

This term our aim was to bring warmth and joy to a senior home in our community. We visited Erica Place in Bridgetown where our students spent the afternoon with senior citizens. They were treated to entertainment through song by Kush and Lihle our senior students. Afterwards, care hampers as well as blankets were handed over. Thanks to our parents, students and staff for your kind donations.

Breakdown of our Current Mission

This term we are working together with ‘Brave Little Hearts SA’. There are many children who are born with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD). Many of their parents travel a far distance to take their children to hospital. They often lack the necessities they require to freshen themselves up during their stay.We urge you to help us in our mission and donate any of the items listed below to help our cause.

- Toothbrush,
- Toothpaste (Travel size)
- Washcloth
- Hand towel
- Moisturizing cream (Travel size)
- Roll on
- Tissues (Hand pack)
- Disposable razors
- Hair bands (Pom-Pom)
- Wet-wipes

We look forward to your support in our mission 🙂
 Star College Bridgetown is an Independent, English Medium School, established by Horizon Educational Trust. We follow the Curriculum from the Department of Education and aim to be academically strong, producing excellent results in the National Matric exams as well as National and International Mathematics, Science and Computer Olympiads
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