On Monday 3 February 2014, the two Grade 4 Classes visited the Stellenbosch Museum. On arrival , a lady took us to a classroom where she showed us some artifacts and the learners enjoyed the presentation.

Some of our learners were made use of in the presentation, to help the rest to understand.

After that we visited the four houses. The learners received a worksheet, which they had to complete during the course of the tour of the first house. After the tour of the second house, we had our lunch in one of the gardens. Then we visited the other two houses.  At the end we went back to the classrooms and the lady revised what they had learned.

Our children were very well behaved, and I was really proud to be part of such a wonderful group of learners from Star College.

Thank you very much to Mrs Haupt that helped to make our day a huge success.

Thank you to our 2 parents who joined us, Mrs Salie and Mrs Moolajee, for your support and help.


Ms. Janeke Lamprecht