ISPRO is an international science project olympiad which aims to promote science education in all over the world. It is organized by the Ministry of Education and Technology of Indonesia and takes place in Jakarta for 5 days, in 4-9 May 2014.   This year there were around 75 projects from 25 different countries such as Lithuania, Philippines, Kosovo, Macedonia, Australia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Kirgizystan, Nigeria, Malasia.



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Representing South Africa, the two Star College Cape Town students Ismaeel Jakoet and Arshad Sayed participated in ISPRO 2014. After two days of evaluation sessions they have been granted with a gold medal in this olympiad with their project “Filtering the exhaust gases of vehicles by reusing/comparing the filter paper of different tea bag brands”. Only the first 15% of the projects could receive a gold medal. Thus it was a big success of them. 20140505_083752   20140509_161755 We, as Star College admin, once again thank to Ismaeel and Arshad for their hard work, their parents for their tremendous support and their teachers for giving them academic support at all times.

Terima Kasih Boys…

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