Grade 6 Excursion

2On the 14th  August 2013, the grade 6 learners were able to visit the cocoafair factory (an organic chocolate factory ). They were very sceptical at first, but were pleasantly surprised

when they were able to witness the technological process of chocolate making up close.

They were impressed by the step-by-step encounter at the factory and obviously the best part of the tour was the taste testing of the different flavours of chocolate to their hearts content. Some learners even packed in chocolate testers for their parents to enjoy. Continue reading “Grade 6 Excursion”

World Knowledge Olympiad

???????????????????????????????The World Knowledge Olympiad is a competition which is aimed at testing the general knowledge of learners from grade 6-12. It also encourages learners to expand their knowledge by reading newspapers. The questions on current topics are drawn from newspapers; periodicals; books; radio; television and encyclopedias. Approximately a third of the questions are from the mainstream newspapers. Star international is so proud of the achievements of Razeen Firfirey who successfully and effortlessly took second position provincially, for which he receives a silver certificate.

Hooked on books

hooked on books          hooked on books1          hooked on books2

Hooked on books visited our school on Wednesday the 14th of August 2013.  They chose six books and acted out the stories. Three books were chosen from the Foundation Phase and three from the Intermediate Phase. They acted out scenes from Fantastic Mr Fox, Princess Pigsty the Beastie and the Amazing Captain Concorde for the Foundation Phase. For the Intermediate Phase they chose Tusk, Muncle Trogg and Fintan Fedora the world’s worst explorer. The show was thoroughly educational, entertaining and had learner participation. Hooked on books encourages learners to borrow these books form the library and once these books are read, learners will know how the story ends. August and September are Read-a-thon months and we encourage all learners to read as many books they can.


GRADE 6&7 2013 CAMP

GRADE 6&7 2013 CAMP

Our time at Princess Vlei Eco Centre was an amazing, educating and well spent time. Our facilitators were the best of the very best; they helped, educated and provided us with a new perspective of nature, teamwork and compromise. The values and lessons we learned will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Values like teamwork, leadership and compromise will help us as prefects, as friends and all together as people. Continue reading “GRADE 6&7 2013 CAMP”


As the staff of Star International Primary&High School, we believe that schools must be safe, inclusive, and equitable places for learning and teaching. A safe, inclusive, and equitable school environment fosters and supports learning and the on-going development of respect, responsibility, and other positive behaviours and characteristics. Providing the best possible education for students in a safe school community is a shared responsibility, which requires a commitment to collaboration, cooperation, and effective communication. Continue reading “MEETING WITH MOWBRAY POLICE”