Extra Tuition

Extra Tuition @ Star College

Star College gives a great emphasis on Maths and Science. Thus it requires learners to have a strong Maths and Science foundation. To achieve this goal, especially in grades 8&9, Star College offers “free” extra tuition on Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school time between 15:15-17:30.

On Saturdays, extra tuition start at 8:30 until 12:20. All the learners have to attend these extra tuition. Regular attendance is required. Thus attendance record is taken in the extra tuition.

So far, it has been recorded that learners attend to the extra tuition mainly progress in the above mentioned subjects.

Besides the extra tuition, if the subject teachers in those subjects find it necessary to keep the learners over night, learners then will have to attend the sleep-over study programs in which learners attend extended self- study sessions assisted by their subject teachers. These programs are also highly recommended to those learners who need extra attention.

All are for “Excellence in Education”