Representatives of Horizon Educational Trust and Turquoise Harmony Institute gave the Mayor of Cape Town, Mrs Patricia DeLille a courtesy visit in 1 August 2014 at her office in the building of City of Cape Town. There, they gave a brief presentation of the structure and activities of both institutions.

On behalf of Horizon Educational Trust, our Principal Mr. Mahmut OZER listed some of the current successes of Star College learners and gave an outline of the new schooling project to the Mayor. Mr. Muhittin CAMLIBEL, on behalf of THI spoke about the interfaith and dialogue facilities of Turquoise Harmony Institute.

Mayor Mrs De Lille was very hospitable. She expressed her positive feelings and good faith about the activities of both institutions. She also added that the new Star College by N2 highway seems like a very succesful project and such efforts would always be supported and appreciated for the sake of uplifting the community. She said that as the Mayor of Cape Town, she is always open to cooperating with NGO and work shoulder to shoulder with them.

She thanked to Mr. Camlibel for the Turkey trip organized for her the year before. She said that she liked Izmir a lot and a sister city agreement is almost going to be signed between City of Cape Town and Izmir Municipality.

The Meeting ended with good wishes…