30 May 2014, Friday evening we have had the 2nd of the Mowbray Police Station Friendship Dinner at our premises. We have enjoyed the talk and a friendly environment while we were chatting about the current matters in Cape Town with the dear members of Mowbray P.S.

Lieutenant Colonel Mrs. Dyers emphasized on the very two vital processes that Star College and Mowbray Police Station are running for the sake of the community. The principal of Star College appreciated the security service rendered by the dedicated staff of Mowbray Police Station for the school. He thanked Officer Van der Merve and all other staff for keeping the environment safe and making the education possible for the staff and learners of Star College.

We hope to meet you next year for the 3rd Friendship Dinner to chat about different issues.

Thanks to Mowbray P.S. once again.