Young Scientist at Star

Irshad Hoosain is a Grade 6 learner at Star International. His major interest at school is Science. He loves science and would like to go further in the same field. His great motivation in science gave him an opportunity to become the second in SAASTE (National Natural Science Olympiad) in 2011. Being encouraged from such a big success, he competed in SAASTA this year and passed provincial level.  His parents Mr.&Mrs. Hoosain are very concerned in their children’s education.  That’s why his father Mr. Hoosain says his son is at Star.

Irshaad is going to participate in the National Award-winning Ceremony this month in 23 October in Pretoria. His class teacher Ms. Sait is going to accompany him during his trip.

We wish him all the best though his future academic career…