Stars Starred in Mathleague Contest

On Saturday, 22 February 2014, some of our learners participated (for the first time) in the Mathleague Olympiad which is an international contest.

There is only one paper that all grades (4-7) write. It is not only about achievement but also about development. Sometimes the younger learners do as well as the older leaners. The Mathleague organisation believes that exposing learners to new topics outside the curriculum will encourage them to do some independent exploration. This is the only way that learners will learn beyond the curriculum and stretch themselves towards their potential.

The contests are meant to be a learning experience as well as a challenge and a talent identifying process.


The tests were marked after it was written. The learners received their scores and certificates at an award ceremony held immediately after the Olympiad.

Some of our learners did extremely well.


Grade 4:

Mishka Fakier                    10th position

Amaarah Mia                     9th   postion

Uzair Allie                            7th   position

Labeed Hoosain                                6th   position


Grade 5:

Haneem Salie                    9th   position

Ayyoob Matthews          1st   position (received a medal as well)


Grade 6:

Aaminah Leonard            7th   position

Moosaa Salie                     3rd   position (received a medal as well)


Well done to everyone that participated in this challenging Olympiad. A huge thank you to those parents and educators that accompanied our learners.

One of our new educators, Ms J. Lamprecht, is very proud to be associated with Star College.