Star College New Campus

Horizon Educational Trust, has been in the process of naming all Horizon Schools (Horizon High School Johannesburg, Star Colleges Durban and Pretoria and Star International Primary and High School Cape Town) under the same brand “Star College”.

Star College Primary and Boys High will be established  in its new campus on Tarentaal Road, between EROS School and APD (Association of Physically Disabled) in Bridge Town area as its second campus of Star Colleges Cape Town. A fully equipped, modern school and a hostel complex with high standards will open its door for education as from 2015.

It will be able to accommodate 432 learners in total and there will be;

  •  18 classrooms
  • 7 offices
  • a staffroom
  • 4 laboratories
  • a library
  • a main conference hall for 400 people
  • a multimedia hall (cinema)
  • a dining hall catering for 260 people
  • a tuck-shop and
  • sports facilities (basketball, soccer, cricket, rugby)

labs     boarding


Classrooms have been designed to accommodate upto 24 students per class. Small classroom size in all Horizon Schools enables educators to be able to give individual attention and monitor the learners easily. A clean and safe learning environment, all technologic facilities and educational tools are provided to maximize the efficiency of teaching process.


Fully equipped Computer, Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories can accommodate maximum of 24 learners at once to promote science education. Learners will be able to perform all types of scientific experiments and make use of latest computer programs and internet access as prescribed in the curricula. Under the guidance and monitoring of the subject teachers, learners will be able to practice in these learning areas as well as studying the theory.


A small multimedia hall will be able to accommodate upto 80 people for them to be able to make use of multimedia resources. This same hall will serve as a cinema hall as well for the learners to give them some entertaining.

A main conference hall will be able to be used for large scale organizations which will host upto 400 people.


Library with various resources will enable the learners to increase their knowledge and donate them an attitude of research for their further studies at varsity. Books, magazines, documentaries and other audio-visual resources enrich the learning environment at school and encourage the learners to enhance their studies.


The kitchen and a dining hall on the ground floor will be able to serve South African and Turkish dishes not only for the learners and the school’s staff but also for the guests who visit the school.


A tuckshop will provide enough area and healthy food for the learners to enjoy their breaks at school. Knowing the importance of nutrition for the learners, tuck shop will serve healthy and delicious food of learners choice.


A hostel in the same premises allows learners to stay to be treated with continuous education. Hostel provides learners with extra study periods, sleep-over and dining facilities. Learners will enjoy learning and staying at comfortable hostel rooms with comfortable sleep-over conditions. Value education which is one of the main pillars of education in all Horizon schools provided during the school time will be reinforced during the time when learners stay in hostel facilities. They will be monitored and assisted by their teachers and mentors at all times during their stay in the hostel.

Hostel serves not only to the learners but also to the visitors and guests with Suit-Guest Rooms and allow them enjoy the school’s atmosphere.

I, hereby, would like to raise my sincere appreciation and thanks to the sponsor of this project who have been faithfully serving under the umbrella of Horizon Educational Trust to support the quality education in Cape Town, South Africa. Such volunteers in all over the world more than 140 countries try to give a warm hand to those who are in need. Understanding and knowing the value of quality education for not only South Africa but for the whole world, from the States to Australia, from Brazil to Japan, from Russia to South Africa, such volunteers sacrifice from their capitals especially from their time, the most important capital in life.