June Exam Results Ceremony

We recently honored our top students during our quarterly results assembly.

A huge congratulations to our boys who have excelled because of their study efforts. It goes to show that if you put in the effort you will reap the reward.

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Colors of the World



Star College learners will participate in the International Language and Culture Festival which will be held on 18 March 2015 at the Nelson Mandela Theatre in Johannesburg. We encourage our parents to attend this event to support our learners and experience the colours of the world. For any further information, please contact Mr Talha on 021 699 06 06

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Stefan Hull is a Grade 11 learner at Star. He like many other learners in the same grade is very good at sports.

He is a golfer and plays for Rondebosch Golf Club. He represents Star and his club very successfully in provincial and national tournaments.

We, as Stars, are proud of him being a gentleman and an excellent golf player.


Star College Cape Town learners enjoyed a challenging soccer tournament in the third term. It was very challenging and exciting for them to compete in such a well organized tournament. After many games, the teams representing Algeria and Ghana met in the final kick which was in the 1 September 2014. Algeria was the winning team.

Congratulations to all teams, especially the winning team. Many thanks go to the dear staff members of Star who worked very hard and dedicated in the organization of this event.

Hope to see in the next year challenge….

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