As the staff of Star International Primary&High School, we believe that schools must be safe, inclusive, and equitable places for learning and teaching. A safe, inclusive, and equitable school environment fosters and supports learning and the on-going development of respect, responsibility, and other positive behaviours and characteristics. Providing the best possible education for students in a safe school community is a shared responsibility, which requires a commitment to collaboration, cooperation, and effective communication.


In the light of these objectives, we had a very warm, friendly and fruitful meeting with the staff of Mowbray Police Station at our school’s premises while we were enjoying a very delicious dish. Col. Lieutenant Mrs. M. Dyers, the station commissioner of Mowbray PS., conducted her good wishes with regards to this interaction and emphasized what two vital processes each of us performing for the community and the country at a larger extend. We can never forget to thank Turkish Airlines for its great and warm contribution for this event.
We believe, we will be able to assist each other and enjoy this relationship with Mowbray Police Station personnel.
Hope to see you next time.