Excursion to the Days of the Dinosaur

The kids were very excited on our way to the exhibition. I don’t think the taxi could get there fast enough for them. The session was broken up into three parts. The exhibition itself was about life size moving dinosaurs, with sound effects. The kids were very taken with this. They responded very well to the tour guides. The tour guides were definitely impressed with the knowledge of the learners.

We then watched a movie about how earth was before dinosaurs roamed the planet, as well as when dinosaurs and other animals developed. The movie was in 3D. The kids  expected it to be more action packed and more about dinosaurs.

The 3rd part was digging for fossils in a sand-pit, colouring in, computer games, taking of photos at a cost, as well as face painting. The gift shop was too expensive and the children could not buy anything. They were disappointed.

On the whole, the exhibition was very good, except for the movie. I think they could have had more activities for the kids. The children definitely enjoyed themselves.

By Mrs Salie