Matric Results

Matric Results of 2018

We are so proud of our boys achieving 100% pass rate. They did not break the tradition of 16 years.

Number of candidates: 31

Bachelor Pass: 93,5%

Number of A’s: 52

Number of B’s: 75

  • 8A Shuaib Adams
  • 5A Abraar Mukadam – Ibraheem Hoosen – Yusuf Larney
  • 3A Yaseen Daniels  – M. Zaakir Ebrahim – Mustafa Esau                                    Yaseen Osman – M. Ebrahim Parker

Well done boys!

Matric Results of 2017

100% Matric pass rate
100% Bachelors pass rate
100% Maths & Science pass rate
3.96 Distinction average per learner

11 Subjects (out of 15) with an average of %70 and above

Some of our learners’ distinctions:

  • 9A Ryan Nipper
  • 8A Mahmood Arend, M. Taahir Hartogh, Abdur-Razaaq Matthews, M. Raees Robertson
  • 7A Uzair Munshi, Onur Alp Ozkaya, M. Azhar Sonday
  • 6A Esa Gamiet, Aghmad Salie

Matric Results of 2015

100% Matric pass rate
95,2% Bachelors pass rate
100% Pure Maths pass rate
1.95 Distinction average per learner

Some of our learners’ distinction success:

  • 6A Abdulmalik Lottering
  • 5A Keenan Van Beulen,
  • 5A Mubeen Mahomed

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